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PMIR Solutions facility thermography and Facility Services offers services in four types of property. We inspect:

  • Commercial: Office building, retail stores, malls
  • Industrial: manufacturing facilities and plants
  • Institutional: College, universities, hospitals, government buildings
  • Residential: houses and apartments dwellings of all types

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Every property related business is committed to maintain and maximizing the longevity of its assets. Be it a rental building, a commercial complex, an educational facility or an industrial unit, an Infrared Thermal Imaging building scan will be an excellent tool to help a company reduce capital expenditures by accurately identifying problem areas.


Leaks can be found

many years after they started to leak.

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They will fail. But how will you know?

A thermographic inspection provides the property owner with important information about the condition of the property and its systems and equipment. Inspections are not intrusive to the operation of the facility as they can be done with the production process in full operation. A proper thermographic inspection can help optimize your production process.

A thermal imaging camera is a very reliable, non- contact instrument which is able to visualize the heat distribution of entire surfaces of machinery, electrical systems, piping and building structures quickly and accurately. Routine thermographic inspections, performed by a certified thermographer, will contributed to substantial cost savings.

The use of thermography has already revolutionized preventative maintenance for all types of industries, and now you too can locally access this great diagnostic resource!