Building Envelope

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Building Envelope Surveys will help you identify many areas where energy is being wasted. Some of the other faults and conditions we can survey for and will save you money are:

- Air leaks
- Envelope faults
- Water infiltration
- Insulation faults
- Leaky valves on radiators
- Location of water leaks
- Condensation and humid walls
- Water ingress on balconies
- Grow issues (grow houses)
- Damaged double glazing
- Possible pest and rodent infestation

During the construction of buildings, a fare share of unforeseen problems might have been hidden for many years until now. As the development for thermography occured rapidly, this technology is very present and can be accomodated and used as a tool for fault findings.

If money saving is one of your highest priority, then you'll like:

- Increase energy efficiency and profit boosts
- Determine the best option for energy-saving retrofits and renovations