Frozen pipes

Boiler loosing its heat

Heat/energy loss due to missing insulation

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Inspecting mechanical equipment with infrared Is not easy. The certified thermographer must be certain that conditions are met. It is also important for the thermographer to have a strong foundation of basic radiometry and heat transfer, knowledge of how the mechanical equipment operates, as well as a solid background on the infrared camera’s capabilities and limitations. As with any type of technology, proper training is essential to successfully operate these systems.  

Inspecting mechanical equipment with infrared thermography covers a wide variety of systems, everything from motors, rotating equipment, steam traps, refractory, and tank levels and more. Most of these inspections de-emphasize taking absolute temperature measurements and instead concentrate on comparing overall thermal patterns to understand the asset’s health. Disconnected or leaky HVAC ductwork which can increase heating and cooling bills and make some rooms to feel warmer or colder than others.