Many roofs need to be replaced prematurely due to moisture damage from leaks and improper installation. Our thermal imaging inspection for roofing systems has a proven track record in finding damaged portions of roofing structure. An early detection will indicate the areas that need immediate or scheduled repairs before water damages can rot your whole roof system.

Our method is a non-contact, non-invasive method. But if further investigations are required to see the depth of the damages, core samples can be used to detect  further problems.

40% of the millions of square feet of yearly installed roofs have been estimated to develop problems and major repairs or replacement within the first year of installation.

Although the roofs are designed to last as long as 20 years, most of the roofs require major repairs just after 6-7 years after the initial installation, even if they have been inspected and regularly maintained.

In our roof moisture survey, we include:

- Infrared Thermal Imaging pictures, pinpointing the location of the trapped moisture in the roof system to simplify and reduce cost of repairs and extend the life of your roof
- A verification of moisture in the areas of thermal anomalies using the latest of sensitive moisture probes
- Any areas delineated on roof, using hi-visibility paint to mark out areas of moisture of roof insulation 
- Provide AutoCAD roof map indicating location of wet areas for easy reference
-Comprehensive report including inspection summary report, thermograms  and reports.

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