Solar panel (PV) Infrared thermography

An Infrared Photovoltaic System Survey can detect and document serious defects within operating solar panels that are undetectable by any other means. Performed regularly, infrared inspections of Photovoltaic Systems can help to reduce maintenance costs and ensure system efficiency.

Looking for potential defect or damages for your investment, quick and easy, potential problem areas of cells can be detected and repaired before problems arise for your Solar PV system?

The use of thermal imaging cameras for solar panel evaluation is the prefect tool and offers several advantages. Our highly skilled thermographer can assists in fulfilling those needs by offering the most reliable and quickest evaluation system available.

Some problems we found, no so apparent to the eye are: cell heating up, hot spots, portion of cell hotter, cracks, humidity impurities, gas pocket from manufacturing defect, bypass diode defective, various damages or bird droppings, cracks in cells are only a few anomalies that can reduce the best productivity and renewable energy sources of your system.

Using thermal imaging cameras for solar panel inspections will therefore drastically improve the operating company’s return on investment. Don’t wait !!! See it to believe it !!!

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